I recorded a 3200K fill. 10 shots brought it to 2800psi

February 16 2017 at 1:01 PM
JD  (Login JamesDingle777)

Response to not too good, probably needs adjusting.....

50 shots should be 1200PSI if all equal. The hammer spring plug is almost flush with receiver. One revolution in depth deeper. I also think spring was clipped because only one end is flat and ground.
I can see I'm going to need to send this to someone with a Chronograph, regulator tester and set it up for 21.1 5.51 Match Barracudas as they have the highest BC and range I'm looking for.
I knew too much preload is unnecessary as it's only going to do what reg is set at, right? More preload on a regulated rifle does not mean more speed, or does it?
Again, this is beyond me without equipment. I'll have to see who is willing to set it up at an affordable price.
I didn't install it. I bought it this way. it's very accurate and all his shots were 50 yards and under for hunting so it was fine for him. I'm desiring the most efficient, consistent, accurate long range with 21.1 Barracudas I can get. I'm even contemplating a 23.8 LW barrel for better efficiency.
Thank you.

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