the undertstanding I have of it is that Beeman was originally

March 17 2017 at 10:35 AM
VAF  (Login VAFarmer)

Response to beeman bear claw questions

nothing more than an importer/distributer like you see today.

IOW, beeman now sells the QB guns (which are decent guns, btw) but those are industry brand or shanghai or something.

So your Beeman R9(perhaps best known, maybe also the R1) were nothing more than HW's version of the 95 and 80, respectively. they have had different denotations over the years.

Beeman supposedly credits himself (perhaps others can too, again.....this is a birds eye view explaination) with evolving the HW35 into the R1, and having something to do with the evolution of the P1 or HW45. The stocks on Beemans were generally nicer, but not sure if there was anything deeper than cosmetics going on.

So in summary, the Beeman of old was owned by R Beeman who distributed HW's and also some webleys and I think once or twice some BSA's. mainly the USA importer/retailer of some quality hard to find european guns.

The Beeman name was sold, and they still distribute rifles, but a different quality base for sure.

God bless,


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