Added Another To The Collection (FWB300S) (W/PICS)

March 17 2017 at 12:46 PM
bReTt  (Login CBPeter)

Here it is!

I went and picked it up yesterday evening. Looks new, only a few marks on the stock where it looks like it was bumped around from moving it to sell. No standard wear marks from handling like shiny spots on the stock or faded blueing on the cocking handle.... stuff like that. Just a few specks of surface rust but I had to really look hard for it.

We shot it when I went to look at it and the three of us had a good time trying it out. Got it home and set it on the bench and shot some JSB 7.33 at 15 yards into the trap. One hole groups, not a ragged hole, just a hole!

This morning I took it out to get these pictures to share with you all and I ran 10 shots over the chrony to get a baseline.

10 shots with JSB 7.33 gr pellets...

LO 631.8
HI 640.1
AV 636.4
ES 8.22
SD 2.23

I'll leave this one alone. No need to fix it if it ain't broke. ha ha!

Now for the good stuff...

photo IMG_0581_zpswhkipnd9.jpg

photo IMG_0576_zpsmkrqtd9z.jpg

photo IMG_0582_zpsl1z5a9tl.jpg

photo IMG_0588_zpsopbgp11i.jpg

photo IMG_0580_zps18qdtxsm.jpg

photo IMG_0582_zpsl1z5a9tl.jpg

photo IMG_0574_zpsyijnoovi.jpg

photo IMG_0577_zpsznqrvv35.jpg

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