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March 17 2017 at 1:13 PM
James Dingle  (Login JamesDingle777)

Response to Impact or Crown

May I ask if you've tried the .30 at 100 yards, and the shot count, power you are getting at 850fps with unknown pellet weight? The new .22 JSB 34 grain Beasts are having me look out for real world info on 100 yard groups. I'm trying to learn all I can before I buy the wrong caliber, rifle, pellets.
Seems many love their .30's, but I'm not so sure it's "better" than available .22's & .25's. There's less choice of pellets, they cost more, and I'm not educated enough on internal ballistics to make a choice yet. Seems a .22 that weighs 34 grains will actually take MORE air to send it out as hard as the .25 or .30 weighing the exact same (if they even make them in the exact same weights) because there is less surface area for the air to propel the pellet. Am I correct? My desire is to have the most accurate hard hitting Air Gun I can without going to a Big Bore and having a pathetic shot count.
Why is it that The Lewis & Clark rifle was capable of 30 shots useful to 125 yards somewhere between .46-.51 caliber? I don't think they had NEAR 3K PSI only around 1800 I think. They most definitely had a huge drop at 125 yards but they are described as "useful"
I want long range accuracy with enough power to make it through the skull of varmints and take out the Medulla Oblongata for the lights out kill switch. I don't think most people know what air Guns are capable of and all the power folks think they need is not actually needed.
Your groups show how precise some can be. I'm a fellow who would pick his shots carefully if hunting is passed in my State; but unfortunately it may never happen because fear of uneducated folks taking pot shots and wounding animals.
This has been discussed before but 200 years ago lead was scarce so a small caliber was used
My point is I'm looking for superior accuracy with just enough power to get it done right and retain a decent shot count. Air Guns are my only option as this state has stringent rules about my transgressions many years ago. It really makes no sense with the availability and legal ownership of PCP's today. This is Off topic a bit but I'm asking your advice on different calibers and I see you can actually shoot as well as the rifle possibly can. Thank you and I apologize if this is viewed as hijacking but you obviously have the experience and ability to know what I'm asking.

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