Giving credit where it isn't due....

March 17 2017 at 2:03 PM
Rick  (Login pluric)

Response to Very good shooting Rick

James, thank you for the compliment. I just don't know that I'm the right guy
to be giving shooting advice. I do play with pellet weight and speed until I
find what the gun likes for my use. When I read all the threads about energy
and people wanting high fpe for whatever reason I just go back to my simple plan
of trying to find the most accurate combination and high shot count.

If I had to make a gun suggestion that covers many bases I'm always pleased with
my Mutant Shorty's. Just last weekend I was shooting one with JSB 15.89 840 fps
out to 200 yards and hitting. I know that sounds like BS and if I hadn't seen the
gun do it I would have been skeptical. The Crickets and Vulcans are very impressive
as well.

Most all my .22 shooting is done with JSB 15.89 or 18 gr. I have tried the Monster
34 gr in my Huben K1 because it has so much power available. For where I have to
crank the setting on most other .22's the shot count loss isn't worth it to me for
the added impact. I figure if I'm more confident on shot placement the lighter pellet
will do what's needed to make a clean kill.

I waver between .22 and .25 being my favorite caliber. Ground squirrels and pigeon/doves
are my main targets when not killing paper. The larger caliber and weight seem to give
a margin of error for a clean kill.

I've bought over 30 airguns in the last two years trying different styles and calibers.
I thought the FX Impact would be my last gun because of the three caliber options.
Logically it should be and for size, accuracy it fit my every need. I've bought seven
more guns since that one. Just enjoy each one for it's unique feel.

Based on my personal experience for accuracy, shot count, great trigger etc I would
suggest a few:

FX Wildcat in a .25. Had over 70 good shots out of one fill.
Cricket in a .22 or .25. Mine will shoot 5 12 shot .25 magazines on a fill.
with accuracy that is so hard to beat.
Mutants are amazing. I have two Shorty's that are fantastic in every way. Great UTV/ATV size.
The FX Streamline in a .25 is looonnngggg but very light and accurate. I'm betting the .22 is nice too
and shorter. I have a Huggett on mine, not a must, but it does make a reasonably quiet gun super quiet.

When you mention interest in 100 yard potential all these suggested guns will do it well.

For my use the .30 is mostly over kill. I have a FX Boss in a .30 and the Impact has a
.30 barrel option as well. Like you mentioned, the cost of shooting them exceeds the
normal need. Seems silly to factor pellet expense in on the price range of gun but
it is a consideration when you're sitting down to shoot a tin at targets.

Mutant teaser.... happy.gif

[linked image]

Wildcat at 50 yards.

[linked image]

You might want to check out this thread for some accuracy comparisons.

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