Ever create a "scope cascade"?

March 17 2017 at 9:11 PM
gubb33ps  (Login gubb33ps)

"Scope Cascade" siutuation...new one goes "here"..old one goes there...2nd old one goes there...etc.

Buy a new scope that is "perect" for one rifle, and you start a kind of avalance of scope swapping.

Which is what heppened with a couple of simple 4X32AO scopes.

Started a Scope cascade by oredering a couple of 4X32AO scopes. Not really needing higher poere scopes for lwoer-powered co2 rifles, I started swapping.

photo 14d50412-d6b6-4a8a-840d-c12d5304ca09.jpg

4X goes on the co2 "Plinker", 6X comes off.
6X goes on the PCP "varmint", and it's 3-9X comes off.
3-9X from the "varmint" goes on he M10, and the 3-12X comes off.

The old 3-12X stays "loose" as a scope I can trust when testing any new rifle.

Any way, the first one up for resighting was the CO2 "Plinker" with the new 4X on top, testing at 20 yards, 5-shot groups, really didn't see an accuray change.

Did notice it's a bit faster to get on target on "twitchy" pest-birds (which is the only live-critter-action I'm likely to see for the next 5-6 months)...and ikely "more than enough" for an 8.5 foot pound .177 rife,

photo 845ff294-d064-4d15-b18f-b52f2ccc029a.jpg


1. At least to 20-35 ards, don't rally see a difference between 6X and 4X sightning. EITHER s "enough".
2. Do appreciate the slightly larger field fiew of th 4X when soriing out the "bark from the feathers" on a fast shot.
3. 4X OR 6x. Really doesn't make a rat'sarse when shooting under 100 feet (33 yards).

Now I've gotta test/sight in the 6X on trhe POlinker nd the 2-9X on the M10.

Pretty much created 3X the effort for one scope change.

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