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March 17 2017 at 9:40 PM
John K  (Login JohnnySingleShot)

Response to debouncer thoughts for the big bores

Evan, Are you actually getting a bounce that you can hear? I have a .58 Quackenbush pistol that does not bounce at all. I wonder if it is because of the rather small transfer port of .225 inch? In any case, it shoots well and I get two shots about 530 FPS. without a detectable bounce.
Now, my own creation, the .58 Big John's Son, was getting a noticeable bounce. The gun is quite a bit shorter which means a shorter air tube. With a .312 transfer port, I got a bounce that you could hear but the exhaust valve would still close with about 800 PSI remaining. (from a 3500 PSI fill)
I finally got rid of all my bounce by increasing the preload on the hammer spring. Now it fully dumps with a 3500 PSI fill. No bounce and definitely more power. Velocity is 575 FPS with the 570 round ball. The drawback is, having to hold the hammer back a little bit as you start to fill the gun. I guess I was glad to get rid of the bounce, but like you, I wish there was another suggestion we could try. Hope my input helps some. John

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