disco issues, a bit above my skill set

March 17 2017 at 9:57 PM
N2T  (Login N2T)

So with the groups opening up, I removed the scope, tightened everything I could find down. And cleaned the bbl well. Then issues cropped up. The gun began to fire on closing the bolt, the bolt would not lock back, or shoot forward, close by itself and fire. I was getting weak shots that barely sent the pellet to the target etc. I removed nothing, just sprayed a bit of wd-40 down the barrel and did a half dozen passes with a brush then a few with oiled patch then wet patch. I put a drop of oil on the o-ring on the bolt probe as well. So current issues are bad groups, a bolt that closes and fires the gun by itself, "weak" shots, and the bolt not locking back. I'm a bit confused to say the least. I tightened the barrel band screws, scope rings, scope mounts, end cap, and the single screw that holds the barrel in place as well as the one that holds the breech down (single screw on top of breech), the flat head screw at the back of the breech was find and the stock screw was tightened at it had loosened as well. I'm unsure how any of this would cause such odd firing characteristics. Ideas?

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