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March 18 2017 at 2:14 AM

Rick Peterson  (Login rickpetersonms)

Response to debouncer info

I don't remember if I posted it, but I did film a DAQ Bandit or LA 457 hammer bouncing in slow motion in 2009.. I agree that it bounced and off-gassed 3 times and this greatly increases the noise a PCP makes. I built a 2 part inertia striker that cured the bounce, but it also cut the power a bunch. I think some Theoben Rapid's had a similar striker? I think I sold the LA457 sized striker to Brent Schreiber with all my big bore guns about 4 years ago? I think there may have been a .308 design in the package also.

I drew several prototypes of a combination debouncer/ safety lever that I think would help big-bores in particular. I never hit on exactly the design I wanted because my Solidworks skills were weak, but picture a striker that has a recessed center so that it will rest flat on the valve body without touching the valve. When you pulll the striker handle back you rotate it forward and a cam or striker plate in the center of the handle rotates down to the level of the valve. After the trigger releases the striker the cam hits the valve once. The valve is pushed open until air pressure pushes it back. As the valve closes, it pushes the striker back.

Just after the valve face xonyaxts the seat and the striker moves away from it, the cocking handle/cam is rotated up by a spring or a weight that "teeter-totters" the cam or "safety gate" out of the way. When the striker spring arrests the striker and pushes it forward again the front of the striker hits the valve body (preferably with a rubber face) but it cannot hit the valve because the cam or gate is out of the way.

The safety feature is that the striker cannot touch the valve unless you deliberately rotate it forward until it clicks into position. The shooter could potentially have the bolt cocked in a hot hunting scenario but only rotate the cam forward when the grizzly starts actually climbing up his tree stand.

I've have an ink pen in my desk for years that has a triangle toggle visible through the clear plastic top. It sorta snags on a barb and rocks to the opposite side each time the button is pushed. One shelf is long and when the triangle tip rests on it it is rigid and holds the ball point out. When the tip flips to the short side the ink cartridge is pushed up insiide the pen. I've always thought it would be the perfect debouncer.

I'm in the process of downsizing, selling my maxhine shop and all but 2 of my airguns, but if someone is serious about colaberating on this debouncer idea I will see if my Solidworks 2011 version will let me retrieve these old models and maybe we can come up,wih something cool.

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