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March 18 2017 at 2:32 AM
Slingarian  (Login Slingarian)

Response to Impact or Crown

I agree, like you I have a safe full of airguns. DAQ's , a pile of FX's, Steyr's, FWB.w etc. My Boss and Gladiator mkII are capable of incredible accuracy as you illustrated.
I love them all, I cant pick a clear winner between the calibers, as they all do extremely well for their intended uses. My old FX Tarantula is a favorite in .22. My .25 Gladiator has a pricey night sight on it and is used in all sorts on night time fun.

I already own guns that are as accurate as the Impact, I was only considering getting one mainly for all the on board adjust ability and mostly the caliber changes. The Impact is a good looking gun, and I don't have anything against bullpups, (I love my Edguns) I do prefer a standard length rifle.

Now that the Crown is coming available, it has all the adjust ability of the Impact, plus cheaper caliber changes, and the addition of being able to swap twist rates within a given caliber. Plus it is a standard length rifle and had lovely wood.

I sill like the Impact and what it represents, but given that its the same price as the Crown, and the crown offers more and cheaper choices in barrel configurations, is why I'm leaning that way, and the reason for my original post.

I can get away with dumping 2k on another airgun, but if I try to buy both I'm afraid of getting scalped in my sleep by the war department (wife)

Nice shooting with your Impact and thank you for sharing.



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