The "Safety/Debouncer" would not reduce the power

March 18 2017 at 10:37 AM

Rick Peterson  (Login rickpetersonms)

Response to Debouncer info

Evan, the 2-part Inertia-Striker did reduce power, but the design with a cam or "Safety Gate" that hits the valve one time and then retracts would not. When it is in position it hits the valve just as hard as a solid striker of the same weight would.
Think of a hole drilled into the center of the striker that is a little deeper than the distance the valve stem protrudes.
When the striker is pulled back and the cam or gate is clicked into position it essentially blocks this hole.

I'm assuming that the bullet is well past the muzzle and on its way before the heavy striker has time to bounce back and that all of the air that is exhausted in a non-debounced PCP after the initial release is wasted.

I think this is where we need Steve in NC or Mr. CO222 to bail us out with some math. Steeeeeeve, HELP!

Note- the "Safety-Gate" vision I have is similar to a revolver that has a little plate that gets between the hammer and the firing pin when the hammer is not at full cock. It prevents the hammer from striking the firing if the revolver is dropped. On this type of revolver, when the plate is in the way it stops the swinging hammer. If the hammer is fully cocked the hate drops out of the way.

In my "Safety/Debouncer" concept, the gate must be in the way in order for the striker to make contact with the valve. If the striker is released and the gate has not been rolled into position the base of the striker would bottom out on the valve body or the receiver. This would of-course require a stout design and another issue is that the striker hitting and no bullet being fired would probably be fairly loud and might scare game away.

A cure might be to have the cam or gate also prevent the striker from being released when it is in the "Safety" position, but then my Solidworks skills fall even farther behind. I can aaaaallllllmost picture a "teeter-totter" lever cut into the valve that would rock up into a notch in the breech when the striker is pulled back and would stop the striker from moving forward unless the striker handle is first ratated forward to lower it into the path of the valve. And I can almost, but not quite, envision a teeter-totter weighted and balanced so that when it is moving forward under full-cock spring pressure and traveling the full release length and time, would tip itself into position to be in the path of the valve, yet if moved forward with a weak rebound would remain up and out of the way. A design like this could be automatic, rather than require rotating the pull lever.

Oh, crap. I just found a dozen debouncer models and drawings from 2008-2010 and it looks like they still open in Solidworks. Now, if I can redeem my Photobucket skills, I suppose I'll have to post some pics.

Ah, this is why Airguns are a mental disorder happy.gif

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