Thank you all. K and C, you really narrowed what I was wondering down

March 18 2017 at 11:25 AM
James Dingle  (Login JamesDingle777)

Response to VMach in an R9

Knobs you are so right about order of looking to accurize, and Mr. Jones you answered my main question of "Is this so much better than a vortek or tune by say JIPA, Slade, Watts, etc. They all have their specialties but each is a Master to a certain brand or modification. Paul is probably the most world wide known tuner. I believe his rifles are even desired in The UK. John in PA and Hector Medina are Diana Kings. Mr. David Slade does it all, PCP's, sprig guns, everything. The most famous among US is most likely AZ but he'd be really hard pressed to even touch and work on a spring gun.
I personally trust JIPA with all my guns as he's close and fair priced; AND I'm ALWAYS ecstatic with the results of every gun I've gotten from him. He does do PCP's also but his main gig is Diana Spring guns.
I just wanted to know if this Kit or custom piston by Hector is worth it for me. I have JIPA tuned with Vortek kits Diana 48 in .177 & a Beeman R1 Laser (just the stock now as it's been replaced by a custom vortek by John, JIPA) in .22 I'm VERY happy with both as they are pin point accurate out to 50 yards if I do my part. I admittedly need a Chronograph but don't have the money and POI tells me they are doing fine. I still need one because I plan on building my own spring compressor out of a good solid old round steel fabricated wood clamp and learning how to tune spring guns right. I need to talk with John and figure out what's best to learn on and he's already told me some are NOT easy as assembly is not like a PCP. Some trigger groups are held in place by pins that must be inserted at right time/spot of spring being compressed and such. I know side levers are harder. Supposedly TX's are easy to work on.
I like to take cheap guns and make them shoot as well as I can, which believe me can be done with a bit of love and know how. Yeah I'd LOVE to have a new Grizzly Lathe, Mill on all axis points, Drill press, belt and disc sander. No money for those as of now. I really messed up when I bought so many air guns. I fell in love and it couldn't be helped. 10 years down the road I'm now wishing I'd followed my Fathers 1st career as a Machinist tool & die maker (then another 20 years at PP&L Martins Creek Power plant on The Delaware) as I'd have had the equipment and a teacher to get me building all the air guns I wanted. My dumb mistake.
So here I am looking to accurize affordable air guns where it can be done. What I can't do I have a best Friend who does have the equipment and know how to do everything air gun for me at $15.00PH. Very fair, but Wife is NEVER pleased to put any money into my "stupid" hobby. I do NOT blame her and I try to do everything myself unless I know I can't.
All in all, thank you Guys. You save me from dumb ideas of selling one rifle to get cash to better another. In this learned reality it isn't necessary at all as I'm not a FT competitor and in a spring gun if all is good I don't think you should ever see more than a 15fps spread from a tuned rifle. Being that it takes a 40FPS spread to even change POI 1/4" at 50 yards, I now know my 3 spring guns are as good as I need them to be. Thank you so much for your real world experience. I learn every day be it here, Wikipedia, documentaries, tutorials, etc. I consider the computer as a free endless college courses. YOU guys on The Yellow help me with what I love. I need to join an Archery Forum but I've even had a HUGE amount of help and blessings from Guys here. Thank you all so very much.

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