Low shot count is why I never kept my 3 Quackenbush

March 18 2017 at 11:52 AM
James Dingle  (Login JamesDingle777)

Response to debouncer thoughts for the big bores

pistols. They could have been turned into great carbines but I HATED the inconsistency and figured power is nothing when shots are dropping at 50 yards after the first sighted in one. If they got 22 useful shots from a .46-.51 lead ball out to 125 yards on 1800psi than what are we doing wrong? We have better projectiles that weigh less and should need less air. We have higher fill pressures more easily obtained. Not 1500 strokes to get 1800psi. Good God I'd rather have a Bow.
What we are doing wrong is number one being power hungry. I know States have mandated a minimum FPE and or caliber or combined but less is sometimes more. I would love a rifle that hits with 150 to 200FTLBS at 100 yards accurately but only if it got at least 10 consistent shots.
Do big Bores NEED to be big cast slugs? NO, they do NOT. They could make (and probably would if BB's were more standardized, which I'm seeing even out at .308,. 32, .40, .45, and .50) Big Bore lighter weight Diabolo pellets for less air consumption but long range shall we say medium power?
The Badger, and Corsair. Rifles I've considered but still shot count is too low for my liking. I don't need 400-600ftlbs for 2-4 shots. All I want is a rifle that is on par with a .22LR trajectory, BC, power, accuracy. That's everything I could ever hope for or want. WHAT should I be looking at or waiting for? Better heavier .22's or .25's? Bigger reservoirs on these air hogs? WHY no one has brought a double 500cc 4500psi carbon fiber big bore to market I have no idea. One in front, one in back like an Air force. Back tank for first high power shots and front tank regulated for more consistency and high shot count. This could work on everything from .177 (you could shoot for a week) to a .50 or those extreme like the 4 foot long barrel .72 that puts out over 1000FTLBS.
So, yeah, I'm interested in this thread. Improvements on Big Bore air consumption.
WHAT should I be looking at for 10-20 shots (or more) that can hit with (I'll compromise) 40-100FTLBS at 100 yards? Please, all advice is welcome. Can a big bore be DRAMATICALLY improved with a debouncer alone? I don't think it's the only engineering design needed. Can I get a Big Bore that can be restricted to hit with 40ftlbs at 100 yards and get 20 shots? Please, advise. Thank you


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