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Debouncer Images

March 18 2017 at 1:12 PM

Rick Peterson  (Login rickpetersonms)

Response to The "Safety/Debouncer" would not reduce the power

Here are some of the De-bouncer models that I bounced-around a few years ago. All of them have one
or more deficiencies in concept, my Solidworks skills, production difficulties, or cost, but I think it would
be neat if someone wants to refine one of these designs for a big-bore in particular. I’ll briefly describe
these designs from memory.
On this design the shooter first pulls the striker back with a solid cocking lever. When he’s ready to
shoot, he rotates a knurled knob that sticks out of the back of the receiver like many power-adjusters
do. When rotated 180% it clicks into position with the half-moon now in the path of the valve stem.
Contact with the stem moves the half-moon plunger back just a hair to release it so that it can rotate to
the up position shortly after the striker moves rearward and breaks contact with the valve. All I can find
is a PDF of this design so I don’t remember if I ever modeled the release mechanism or not.
[linked image]

This one has a cocking lever on one side and a Safety/power-level/debouncer lever on the other. Once
the striker is pulled back the second lever is lifted into one of
3 power positions. Power is determined by how deep the hole in the disk is that the valve stem contacts.
After hitting the valve the disk is pushed back a hair so that it is tripped and it then rotates out of the
way after the striker is pushed backward and breaks contact with the stem. The disk is now in a position
where a through-hole aligns with the valve so it will not push the valve open.
[linked image]

This one has a ratchet that holds a plunger in place the first time the striker moves forward. The plunger
pushes on the valve with full force, then the ratchet drops down so that when the striker comes
forward again the valve stem can push the plunger back into the mainspring a bit. This would lessen the
slamming of the striker as it bottoms into the receiver. I don’t remember if I ever drew that trip
mechanism for the ratchet. [linked image]

Hmm. It looks like this one is a modified version of the one above with an attempt at a trip
mechanism.[linked image]
On this one it looks like the cocking lever gets pushed in to block the valve path and then pops out after
it breaks contact with the valve stem and heads backward.
[linked image]

I think the little rocker below the striker was spring loaded and supposed to snag the striker before it hit
the valve a 2nd time.
[linked image]

It looks like this red plate locks the plunger in place when it is pushed down.
[linked image]

Here is the ink pen that I’ve somehow managed to no lose for years. It says Slide Systems Inc 1418 40th Street
somewhere in California. It just dawned on me, after a decade, that I should have Googled this company
to see if this mechanism is what they use in their SLIDE SYSTEMS and if they could help with a
debouncer. What a dummy for never checking 
Note that when the triangular toggle is tipped LEFT the ink cartridge is retracted.
When it is tipped RIGHT it holds the cartridge firmly out. The triangle has a round rim at the bottom (like
a witches hat) that snags on a short barb on one side and a long barb on the other. This causes it to tip
alternate directions and change how far it lets the cartridge move.
[linked image]
[linked image]

This one has a side release. The release could pass forward over a ratchet as the striker carries the locked-in plunger to the valve. After the valve pushes the plunger/striker back the ratchet could release the trip so that the plunger is no longer held solidly.
[linked image]

OK, time to STEP AWAY FROM THE COMPUTER, Richard...............................

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