Those look good.

March 18 2017 at 10:00 PM
Jim in SWMO  (Login jmhenrichs)

Response to Weihrauch rear sight filler plugs

I've used some very similar to those but yours look better than the ones I had. But someone suggested the screw covers like you can get at Home Depot or Lowe's to cover #2 Philips head screws on cabinets and such. I switched to the screw covers because they're low profile and have a nice gloss finish that blends in pretty well with the bluing.

On the HWs you need to "glue" them in with some silicone because the nub is smaller than the screw hole. I also plugged the pin hole with some silicone.

[linked image]

[linked image]

[linked image]

But on the Diana break barrels they are a "screw-in" fit. On my 34 Pro Compact with the matte finish I chucked the covers in a small pin vise and turned them by hand against some worn out emery cloth to knock the gloss off.

[linked image]

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