Walking the pig

March 19 2017 at 4:12 PM
gubb33ps  (Login gubb33ps)

I needed more "chill" time...and judging by some of the argumentative posts, am not alone in that.

It's a hobby...it's suppose to relax you.

Took my "pig" out for a short (20 yard) walk at the home range, checked zero, then refilled it and took a short road trip and a longer walk though the trees. It's like 76F down here, everything green and gowing.

No fill gear... just what's in the rifle (30 good shots) and 3 magazines (10 shots each).

Get wrapped up in the new toys, experiments, mods, etc. and tend to neglect some of the older guns in the safe. All wound up in energy, efficiency, looking for that last 1/50th of an inch in accuracy, changing this or changing that, etc. Fun on most days.

Pretty enough pig: chunky, short and heavy. Didn't see the harm in mounting a heavy scope, wasn't really going to be a slim/trim rifle no matter what.

photo 359d02d6-1055-4705-b699-b4fe3685033d.jpg

But I wasn't walking far or heading any place fast, so "Porky" didn't slow me down or wear on me. Didn't have any particular critter in mind (if any), and wasn't in the mood to pound away shot after shot plinking or paper shooting.

Spend a lot more time sitting and watching than sighting on anything.

You know (hopefully you remember)...just enjoying the day, being out in the woods, even if nothing gets shot.

Never finished the first mag. Actually, shot 7 times, the 8th time was into the dirt back at the Jeep (as I just don't like keeping one chambered while I transport).

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