Big Bore

March 19 2017 at 6:47 PM
shootski  (Login shootski)

Response to tethered DAQ

Lots of IFs! So it's deer Evan, what kind? Mule, Mangrove or White Tail? Meat or trophy? Also do you active stalk; sit in blind; tree stand or some other legal method? As far as a hunting rifle/pistol I want to follow the KISS principal to avoid walk-in or skiing in to base camp only to find some extra Gizmo has failed and ends my hunt right there. I certainly can't speak for Dennis but what I read on his site and have spoken with him about is he tries to build a practical hunting weapon (that you don't porters to carry for you) not a Benchrest paper puncher or a spray and pray grin machine. I have used my range time to map out my hunting tool at 10M intervals out to 100M. Even with my .58 DAQ pistol; e.g. it takes an actual +23.7 MOA elevation to put the lead ball on target at 100M with mine. Two ball into 1.5 inches, NO WIND, before recharging to 3200psi and it eats 200psi/shot. Not that I would hunt it to that 100M range unless I had nothing to eat and couldn't get closer for the shot. What more can a hunter really need from a big bore?


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