Very interested and good shooting Sir. The Monsters

March 20 2017 at 12:24 PM
JD  (Login JamesDingle777)

Response to They are Lothar Walther Barrels

seem good enough for 50 yards and body cavity vitals. I'll be watching and waiting for .25 and all beta tester reviews. For a semi, shooting any out of the tin pellet (not put through a size gauge & sizer for best possible head & skirt fit) in that heavier pellet/power range; I'd be pleased. Still, I'm looking for consistent 1moa@100yrds and I believe a pellet gauge and sizer are more important than if it's a LW or a CZ straight from factory no breaking in with JB embedded bore paste, slugged, air gauged and perfect pellet fit found and picked from one large consistent batch. Hopefully a Lifetime supply.
From EVERYTHING I've ever seen. LW, CZ, BSA, are GREAT! Specialty barrels for Air Guns are coming. FX is attempting to climb that mountain. I have no doubt that all companies will most likely follow and offer a configuration of these exchangeable liners in some of their products.
If I had to pick ONE barrel for every Air Gun I own, I'd wish for customized BSA's as standard factories as it stands. FX may change my mind. Not to say LW's are not any less capable, and they are affordable. GREAT quality at a fair price.
Custom barrel, 2-3 groove BM, ST, BSA, whatever. I'll never be a competitor but my Holy Grail of Air Guns will have to show me consistency at 100 yards and at least a retained 20FTLBS. I'd be happier with a retained 40FTLBS, but I darn well know even 12 is good enough so I'd settle for 18-20FTLBS with 1MOA @ 100 yards before I'd crown it "King." Great shooting and good luck in your pursuit of accuracy. I think this rifle shows hopeful promise although I'm still an Old School traditional stock configuration type of fellow. I admit, I've never even held a Bull Pup, and semi auto maybe something I'd like in an Air Gun. I just would choose accuracy over fast follow up mediocre shots and I'm wondering if the semi action is disrupting pellet shape at all.
I can only speculate at this time, so it's useless opinion. All in all, in my eyes it shows promise for those who want a semi, powerfull, Bull Pup Air Rifle. Kudos to you Sir for shooting & posting results, Huben for being innovative, and Mr. Brancato for supplying the product to fill the desire & demand of such.

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