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Last winter project … A little stock refinishing. Need some insight….

March 20 2017 at 1:27 PM
Jeff D  (Login jcdx25)

I have a Mutant Shorty stock that was, as far I can tell, one of the early ones brought into the US, it’s simply awful. But also happens to be on a shorty that I’ve tuned to around 9 FPE and use to plink with the kids AND while around the firepit while I sit there with various family and friends. While I need to keep it functional (as in not destroying it), I’m totally willing to take a chance refinishing it.

The grain is visibly raised/ridged in qtr inch segments, the current color is an awful/thin/splotchy muddy brown.

I WILL be stripping this to bare wood and sanding smooth (at least as well as my skills allow) however the next step is still an open book that I’d like to prepare for.

I want to keep the grain and NOT paint it (although that would be so much easier). My hope/dream/wish would be to get near the RED you see in laminated stocks (like the RAW I’m looking at as I type). I know it’s diff wood and that I’m not going to be able to saturate it like they do with the thin birch boards they dye then press and glue together to make the lam boards they use to build the lam blasnks BUT want to get as close as I can.

Product / Process recommendations would be much appreciated. The last time I tried to dye a stock it was black and never got better the an ugly black/grey mix using HD wood stains.

Whether it be personal experience or internet guides, I would love to see tips on getting this as saturated a red as possible. If it ends up pink, at least I can try something darker before resorting to bedliner, or primer and paint.

Open to all input.


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