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So much for "fun"...put the Pig back to work...

March 20 2017 at 8:02 PM
gubb33ps  (Login gubb33ps)

Response to Walking the pig

Good news...maybe bad news....becasue it's a 5mm.

Got more serious with it on short range (20yard) targets. After all, I'd only fired it 8 times, so it wasn't any effort to fill it back up to 200BAR and fire off 30shots. on targets.

photo d1de44c4-95e6-42ba-bff4-b21df4f17a67.jpg

One of the few times that I have to consider JSB's as a pretty-far 2nd best. Really the only 5mm I have to likes the (dicontinued) Crosman boxed CP's so much, which I why I put a big-azz lable ("For the "Pig") on each of the remiaing 6 1/3 brown boxes.

So it's got a happy life span of about 4000 shots.

That really doesn't sound like much...but likely, considering the only times/shots I put this to "serious" use, that's likely 10-12 years (if I can keep it running so long). I'd be in my middle 70's by then (God willing), and I'll worry about running out of the "best" pellets sometime around 2027.

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