Shipping cost and used gun sales

April 14 2017 at 5:27 PM
Michael McKeown  (Login perfcomp)

I recently did a trade. I sent off a Dragon Claw in it's original box to New York from California via UPS ground. With $8 of additional insurance on it, it cost me $65. If it had been a sale instead of a trade, let's say the gun's used value might be $500 (it was actually new, so $500 would be a great price I think). Add on $65 shipping, and the total cost is $565, but over at PA one can buy the gun for $650 and it ships FREE and earns rewards points. Saving only $85 makes the used gun sale much less attractively priced. Maybe not cheap enough to trigger anyone's 'buy' response unless they are actually in the market for the exact gun I'm selling.

I have several guns I want to sell in the near future on the Yellow, but now I'm a bit sticker shocked by the shipping cost. How are you all dealing with the high cost of shipping? I could list a gun at a fair price which sounds great but when the shipping is added on it is no longer a good deal. The big box places must have volume shipping that allows them to offer free or cheap shipping but I can't do that down here in the land of the Yellow.

Sometimes other carriers are cheaper, but it can vary with box size, weight and destination. I don't have the time to run back and forth all over town getting quotes, only to turn back around to the cheapest one to finally ship it.

Maybe advertise it for a price and "actual shipping cost added" and let the purchaser specify the carrier they think is cheapest? And what about insurance? I like having insurance, but that increases the cost a fair amount. Do you let the purchaser decide if they want to run the risk or pay for the insurance?

Thanks for any advice.
Michael McKeown

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