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April 15 2017 at 9:00 PM
gubb33ps  (Login gubb33ps)

Response to 10m CO2 Pistols had steel strikers as standard... Except one I made in titanium

Yeah...am calling "BS" on that stock 80 shot count, unlss anything that managed to exit the barrel counts.

Relize that I may be to goal (60 shots/ 300 foot pounds/ all inside 3%) already. Using one pellet for testing kept things even along the way, but being this close, will have to try a string with heavy pellets...if the past is a guide, should be slower but earn a little more energy and likely eek out a a shot or two more.

Only two 12gr. "Match" guns I'cve had were a Hammerli Master pistol (years back...lost it in a flood 2005) and an Alfa Proj rifle.

HAd them both apart, but never got a weight on the strikers, but remeber being imprssed with how small/light they were (and as much of a PIA as it is to get that Alfa apart, I'm not likely to do it just to get the weight now).

With a bit of work, got an old Crosman 2000 (the old version...not the 2009 PCP) to manage 75-80 shots, and those are no were near the refinement of the first two.

From those three, know a single 12gr. can give (depending on temperature) 70-90 good low varation shots per 12gr.

The 20% lighter striker did work...moved the shot count up 9 shots (about 18%) with no loss in speed. So if heavy weight pellets won't get there, that's the direction I'll keep going...whittle off a few more grams from the striker, test, repeat, until I see an acutal drop in average velocity.

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