You have her humming along beyond what I'd have thought possible

April 15 2017 at 9:19 PM
Ron Robinson  (Login compressive)

Response to 4th test (CP1 co2 "MatchMaster" pistol)

Almost all my Co2 pistol fiddling has concentrated on souping them up for greater power, but your 59 consistent shots at 500+ FPS is way better than I would have imagined. Good job.

Like Scot, I'd be curious how an even lighter striker would behave, but I doubt it would do any better. I agree with him that it could be more prone to valve-lock issues in higher temps. I've had 2 Pardini K60's and an FWB Mini 2 that were sadly inconsistent in temps as low as 80 degrees; sometimes to the point of utter uselessness. I suspect light strikers at least partly to blame.

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