Sorry should have been more specific … PICS

April 15 2017 at 11:30 PM

AnglaUSA  (Login AngliaUSA)

Response to James!

(yes indeed Oregon NATS were a blast .. even with the breakdowns and tire blowouts .. LOL )

this might help ….

Remove your upper rings …. and use the fixed lower ones as a base plate …

you’ll need to fashion a couple of metal tabs .. with correctly drilled holes.

These pics should help …

[linked image]

[linked image]

[linked image]

with the tabs installed you can attach any flat Picatinny rail or 11mm rail straight to the top …

[linked image]

with a new rail installed you can now add whatever rings and scope you want .. bonus is the extra height for a large objective and for WFTF higher is better happy.gif

[linked image]

Obviously the RWS56 TH I experimented on is not an SLR but it's similar concept as to what you are trying to achieve….

if not David Slade has done SLR Dampa mods before so maybe give hime a try at

Stay fluffy my friend …. hope to see you on the FT circuit one day soon … JB

Temecula in MAY ????? Come On Brazil to So Cal ain’t that far ….

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