April 16 2017 at 12:16 AM
gubb33ps  (Login gubb33ps)

Response to Cobalt...I've been trying lightened strikers for a few years now, and at moderate pressure

Thes cp1's are fun, and can be accurate, but aren't 10 meter match pistols.

Even ignoring triggers, sights, and stocking, there are different basic design features. There is more than bench accuracy at play here.

With a co2 really designed for match use (and the few that ran on 12gr.), they are designed from the ground up to be minimum power. Are designed and made to do one thing, accurately toss .177 pellets out at low speeds.

What we're doing with "sporter" designs is trying to force them into being what they don't naturally want to be.

So let me ask....if you were to design from the ground up a match pistol's internal system, just for match type shooting:

1. LArge internal valve volume or small?
2. Light striker or heavy?
3. Long striker stroke or short (which goes along with spring length and stiffness)?

I just picked 60shots/5 foot pounds/ 3% varation as a goal, and a desire for a truly quiet back yard pistol. Getting the gas use per shot down reallyd did quiet it down even more (shrouded); not losing any energy was kind of a bonus.

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