My bad, Cobalt. I keep the valve closure spring light, so that

April 16 2017 at 2:01 PM
Scot Laughlin  (Login classicalgas)

Response to Stronger valve spring

gas flow is as large a percentage of valve closing forces as practical (I try not to go so light that a gun has to be cocked before bulk filling, though it happens)

With the gas dynamics driving valve closure, the gun self regs better, so co2 guns are less temperature sensitive,and give more consistent velocity strings. PCP's hold tighter velocity variations and may give a longer sweet spot when a valve has good self reg ability.

It is possible to get the two springs and striker weight so far out of balance that the gun will go into serious valve bounce, and burp itself empty. There are often other factors(port size,stem leaks, poppet head size and shape, and seat area) in play as well when a gun burps.

I try very hard to avoid increasing striker spring strength,there are too many downsides to that approach, and little advantage in most cases. Increased cocking forces (and risk of increased wear and damage to the parts involved) gas use out of proportion to the power gained(too much dwell)noise, refrigeration effect in co2 guns leading to velocity swings...the list goes on.

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