I've been intending to test this out myself, however my stash of CPLs.........

April 17 2017 at 9:01 AM

nced  (Login SpringerEd)

Response to Krytox on pellets or in the bore?

is already lubed with Slick50 One Lube from the aerosol can. I've been using OneLube for a couple decades and I'm still using from the same can I bought years ago when the can cost $3.29 at an ACE hardware store.
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The OneLube stuff does work well for reducing "CPL barrel fouling issues" with careful application but it does diesel if it gets into the pellet skirt.

Since so little Krytox would be used for lubing a box of CPLs (about 3 drops spread thinly inside the container) that a 1oz bottle costing about $30 would go a LONG way! The only purpose of lubing CPLs is to get a film of lube on the pellet rifling surfaces so "charging" the pellet lubing container once would be good for several boxes of CPLs. For pellets with a more "pure lead alloy" (like the JSB,H&N etc) I really don't know if I'd even mess with lubing at all. Even with the hard lead CPLs the only benefit I found with lubing was that barrel cleaning chores were reduced and when cleaning was required I only needed to pull through a few patches with my CrownSaver.
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