Shipping that same gun via USPS would cost about $50 insured.

April 17 2017 at 1:03 PM

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Response to Shipping cost and used gun sales


Considering the size of the package, the weight and the value...$65 is not that far off. I take actions out of the stock for safety and cost. If you sold that same Dragon Claw and wanted to ship it back to California out of its buttstock, USPS would charge you $38 fully insured to ship it via 2-day priority mail. If two day is not needed, you could ship the same package for $36 via USPS ground.

For your future sales...figure $50 for shipping and include it in your initial asking price. Do not let the buyer make choices for carrier or insurance. The "plus shipping" option just means fielding a ton of questions about the cost to ship to specific zip codes. That is 43 THOUSAND different zipcodes.

And always insure. Just do it. $6.70 to insure a $500 gun through USPS saves you hassle. It puts the burden of satisfaction on the USPS.

As for getting quotes all over town....use or of to get shipping quotes from your desk. Pre-printed labels are your friend.

I only use USPS priority mail. I generate labels online. I pay online. I print on my printer at home. I ship from my front porch.

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