April 18 2017 at 9:57 AM
Mark  (Login TwiceHorn)

Response to "So, in theory, the cheapest plain ol' lubricating oil will do the job just fine"

Good point on the various alloys and their lubricating/leading properties. Most seem to attribute Crosman's leading/fouling/crudding problem to the residue that always seems present on their pellets, but that doesn't mean they're right. I shoot them in my 397 because they're relatively cheap and shoot well, but more "premium" pellets in my HW97.

I had a tin of HNFTT get cruddy from blown stuff (leaves, grass, grit) at the FT range (also some got tumped into my caddy, I guess I need a pellet pouch). So I washed and lubed them with plain ol mineral oil USP. I didn't consider dieseling, but haven't had any or any drop off in accuracy. I put four drops of it on the JSB sponge and rattled them around gently in the tin.

And, yeah Crosman's alloy seems pretty hard, which may account for generating all that dust/residue during manufacturing. My HNs seem significantly harder than the JSBs, perhaps that is a function of skirt thickness?

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