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April 18 2017 at 10:04 PM
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If there is a better "match" rifle designed around a single the power souse. I've not found it. That Alfa Proj seems top be as good as 12gr. rifles got (not counting bulk fill). Will admit, it is a limitited audiance....not all that many folks don't give a "snit" for any air rifle that uses a single 12gr as a power soruse.

But it is a "pretty" rifle, light weight but still made for comforatable off hand 10 meter shooting (althouh I pressed this one to 20 yards).

photo a389cffa-7ded-403a-8ee1-d7c175c3ba8d.jpg

This is what I got today. Will give the wides a very light/"almost" absent constion, so I ignored them thoughout thew 100 shot test. As It got later and later in the day, that might have been a mistake as there did show/feel a light breeze from the rear right (which might explaine shots #81-90).

Had the fore end off, the rectangular shroud off, and needed to re-sight the rifle (wasn't that far off...I readjusted after ever 10 shots).

So here it is...8.44gr. pellets/ 10 shot groups/ 20 yards? Was a "calm" day, "taX Day", 4/18/17, with match sights/ old man eyes at the helm, IGNORING the litle variations in wind speed/direction.

photo 2b76a04b-072f-4daf-bc44-53ddbeefc5b1.jpg

Reguardless of my inattetnion to the wind, for match sights at 20 yards, it's about as good as I could do when I had "young" eyes.

Soooo... pretty much as issued, the idea here is 3.9 foot pounds X 90 to 93 shots. That works out to something like 350-362 foot pounds per 12gr. Could go as far as 98 shots (as only the last 2 shots showed a really drasicv drop at 20yards).

Can say that at shot #101, the rifle self-vented (the striker pressure on the valve stem was greater than the gas force holding the valve stem closed, so the valve stayed open and just vened the residual gas pressue).

So on the plus side:

1. Never had any single 12gr. running air rifle that could match the accuracy or shot count. If you can suggest ANY single 12gr. running rifle that can beat it for shot count/accuracy, I'll listen/try one). SERIOUSLY. I've evidently I have a "thing" abut single 12gr co2 rifles.

If any rifle or pistol can give more uniform shots per SINGLE 12 gr., I'd really-really-really like to try one.

2. It looks great (for whatever that's worth..but evidently it is worth something).

3. It will be low powered. That doesn't seem to be a great-big limitation for 20-25 yard (60-75 foot) shooting.

4.Seriously quiet at this energy level. A good bit of that rectanglular barrel housing actas as a
Now I'm going to talk the average airgunner OUT of the Alfa Proj.

5. Even tho this rifle is only 3.9-4.0 foot pounds, it is very quiet. MIGHT be the quietest rifle for the energy (it is real close).

1. Becomes like you are a giant, the the parts of the rifle are like "munchkin" sized. It is made for little bitty "elf" fnger to taker apart. It's a royal PIA to work on for normal human sized hands. Wjhile I have done it, I kind of dread the idea of taking this "munchkin" side co2 again.

2. "Everything" hangs on an retangular shroud...So if you use a sling, which tesions the shround (which tensions thebarrel "down") expect to shoot low. Rather than "free floated" think of it as "pre-loaded" and act accordingly). Expect to shoot in vertical sring if your sling tension varies

3. It's not really fast enought ot deal with pellet heavier than 8.4gr. and doesn't seem to care for pellets under 7.0 grains.

4. THere is some limited adjustblity in the striker basically has a .36" stroke, can adjust the spring tesion to a limited extent.

5. As iseed, un modded, it's not really going to get much ore than 4.2 foot poundsw, on down to about 3.7 foot pounds. Slower than that, it's gets really "spikey" in velocity... trying for faster than that just seem to reduce the shot count to were the energy per 12 gram gets "stupid-wasteful".

5. "They"(the powers that be) insists on using an odd-ball small sized dove tail for sight mounting So are prety well stuck wsith the issue sight. Which ain't all that bad, just kind of "coarse" in adjusatments and a bit on the small size. The "eye cup"was a home-brew..the piston seal from a 60CC syringe.

So...bottom line...even though this might be the best of the single 12gr. had got serious limitations for the average shooter.

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