Concerning "cruddy" Crosman pellets..........

April 19 2017 at 11:05 AM

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I recently bought a tin of the CPHPs to try and the actually shot pretty good from my .177 tight leade (relative to my R9) HW95, however they did have what I'm calling "parting compound" on them (reminded me of powdered graphite) and after the shooting session my loading fingers looked like this.......
[linked image]

A couple years ago I received a case of the boxed 1250 count CPLs and I lubed them as I always did, then went for a shooting session at the back yard lane. Well, I found that the case of CPLs I was shooting from had excess parting compound (or whatever the powder was) and the mix of pellet lube + powder made a really good "barrel fouling compound" so I washed those boxes of Crosman pellets.

That incident sent me on a season long search for pellets that didn't require washing or lubing. I tried JSBs Exacts and H&N FTTs and while those pellets indeed were clean and didn't need lubing, they were also extremely variable from pellet to pellet, even from the same tin with rather frequent fliers. I measured several thousand of each brand and confirmed what I supposed.....the size on the tin label meant nothing because there were pellets in the 4.50mm tins that were larger than pellets from the 4.52mm tins and pellets from the 4.52mm tins that were smaller than those from the 4.50mm tins. I then decided to go back to the boxed die lot marked and dated 1250 count boxes and wash if needed. Lubing is rather quick and easy, however washing pellets is a messy hassle! The next case of CPLs I received were "crud free" to my delight not requiring washing so I ordered three more cases and all were "crud free" when I lubed them.

Sorted JSB Exacts and H&N FTTs...........
[linked image]
[linked image]
[linked image]

My stash of clean "die B" CPLs after receiving on June 27th, 2015........
[linked image]
What I had left at May, 2015.........
[linked image]

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