Current "winner" of the 12gr. shot count/energy race

April 20 2017 at 8:47 PM
gubb33ps  (Login gubb33ps)

Response to Thinking on the 300fpe per 12gr.'s not unreasonable.

It took some years (maybe as many as 9) to get the current "champ" of single 12gr. co2 cartidege, I'm a whole lot of things,but patient and pesistant is amoung them.

Basically, a tradtional brass tubed / brass barreled "Benjamin/Sheridan" co2 rifle (likely the last of the co2 "breed") factory strangled down to low power

Previous post on co2/single 12gr. running rifles:

Curtrent champ of the 12gr./energy equaton.

Old Crosman 2000 12gr CO2 rife, that runs off a single 12gr.

photo 51156290-490f-435b-91c5-5d42e718c34c.jpg

83F ambinat temp., shot in 10 shot groups.

photo ae00454b-72dd-4739-b360-1d6ce1b3711f.jpg

Yeah...I really didn't expect to get over 80 the bottom row of smaller targets were added on once I got to 80 and seemed like it wanted to keep on going.

So from the 20 yard target (reguardless of the chronograph) it certainly looks like 100-109 shots were "good enough". Lets just call it 104 shots.

Whiich works out to 10.3gr. at 409 fps (average inside of 3%), for 3.82foot pounds per shot...or 3.67X104 = 397 foot pounds of energy per 12gr. (may bre as much as 112 shots for 403 foot pounds per 12gre.)

So....maybe I sold the lowly 12gr. co2 cartridfe short 400 foot pounds is a lot of energy for 12gr. of co2 gas to produce, so perhaps I've under-estimated the potenti of the mass produced, simpl, disposible, cheap 12gr.

QUESTION: What good is a sub 4 fpe rifle?

1. From the above example, it can certainly test your ability to hold "peep" sights.

2. Can keep your need for practice shooting sadisfied without complications (hyst stuff a tin of pellets i your left Jeeens pocket and a couple of 12gr. in yourright jeans' pocket,and wahder off where you care to).

3. Evidently there is more than 300 foot pounds to be hadper 12gr. ...more like 370-404 foot pounds if everything adjusted/running right.

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