Sir, I've wished i could, as I've learned much from KW, JWR,

April 21 2017 at 11:54 AM
James Dingle  (Login JamesDingle777)

Response to James, have you considered...

Crickets old videos and such. First problem is I have no camera. 2nd slight problem, is I'd have to have Wife edit and down load as we did NOT have computers in the 70's & 80's. My Kindergarten 5 year old is being exposed to words I never heard until 4-6th grade and all kinds of Computer knowledge. So point is I'm not very adept at the making although I am a very patient descriptive teacher.
Now, I personally haven't checked You tube to see if it's already been done; but I would think it has. There's not many improvements you HAVE to do to any Hill. You CAN upgrade the o-rings. There's many others on here more qualified than I to give that info. Consider that all Hill Kits were $35.00 for years. Now, they are sold for $14.95 and they are the SAME quality o-rings. IF one were to use the absolute best o-rings for an entire rebuild, i.e. best friction/heat bearing static rings, and best hardest sealing non static/friction bearing rings for pure air seal, I would think all top notch possibly custom slightly over sized ones would cost the $35.00 that the original over priced kit cost. In reality, I've owned 4 Hill pumps and NEVER had to rebuild ONE, EVER! I did take it down, inspect for rust, o-ring wear, relube with 100% silicone grease, and IF anything needed a super fine polishing did that also. I've never had one fail. Now, Benjamin's, sorry to say but I was rebuilding 1 of the 8 I've owned at least once every 2 months. Tolerances just are horrible and inferior o-rings.
Other improvements to Hills. I have aftermarket parts from a Russian eBay seller (Vadim Sorokin) and HE is the only person I found to have extra brass pistons with dual seals. A o-ring and a teflon guide. You get 1 extra set of those also. The ring and teflon guide, only 1 new brass piston. It also comes, to my surprise, with a Teflon plunger that the cone spring seats. I STILL have not found a exact cone spring replacement and I NEED a few badly (just in case,) Long story short, I was disassembling my Hill which did not even need it and the rod fell out, landed on brass piston head and bent stem slightly. I straightened it and continued rebuild. No problems at all now but I have the extra piston in case that stem ever fails due to bending and bending back in place.
There's MANY things I'd love to put on Youtube. Shots no one would believe unless filmed, documentaries on certain subjects, info I have to share. Mainly I use the computer to learn. To me, it's a free College course. Quick example. Civil War Doctors had 2 years of Schooling. I've had no Cadavers to dissect but my knowledge from computer and modern age medicine theoretically puts me ahead of a Civil War Doctor. At least I'd know how not to infect you worse while amputating and I'd also have a better chance at getting you to live through it all with little to no infection. Thanks to our Friend The Maggots." Weird, but true. Change dressings often and they only eat the dead flesh preventing Gangrene. So, yeah, I guess Hill pumps are easy.
Back to pumps. seems some very good ones are made in Philippines mainly by hand and brass.
This G6 is one I really want. From Pyramyd you get it with 5 full rebuild kits, foster fill adapter, and priced under a hill. I've heard NO complaints from owners here on Yellow.
This little guy looks interesting if you have the time. I can pump faster by hand I think, and i don't know about quality or longevity. Point is, there's a market and new items will be coming. I'd personally like to see Tom Kaye make a Shoebox model with every possible NEEDED upgrade, or offer them as customers request, and beat the competitions price. I'd buy a hardened rod, self lubricating no rebuild pump. I don't need belt drive, I don't need a small computer fan on it when I', running a floor fan that pushes 20x's the air flow over the unit that the little computer fan ever could. I mean, why pay for what you don't need. I understand money is made by selling rebuild kits and upgrades but hey, a happy customer can easily talk 5 Friends into a product. eau, I'd LOVE a Bauer. I don't need diver quality air. I need a compressor that will last a lifetime with little maintenance. Hill pumps are daily affordable and seem to be built for life. There is NO doubt, I did, and anyone, would shoot more often when they own a tank or compressor. I shot way more often when I had tanks. If I had a decent compressor and a brand new Great White from Joe Brancato I'd be set for life and shoot way more than I do. I'd also be seriously considering Air Guns tuned for serious power in .257 & bigger. I stay away from them and search for a .22 or .25 that can retain at least 18FTLBS @ 200 yards because I'm not pumping a .257 or bigger every 2 shots. And unfortunately until they build a 1000cc or bigger 4500psi fill double carbon fiber tank big bore that can produce at least 10 regulated shots with a spread of 20fps or less, then tethering is still the way to go for big bores.
You really want a video from me? I'm much more of a writer than a talker and I learn best from reading; but I understand some learn best from seeing videos. If I had a Camera, I'd do it for you. I think my phone only has 2 minutes of recording on it. It's about a 15 minute job to clean, relube, do right. Either way. People here have been kind to me and I'd gladly fix any pump for anyone for free.
Disclaimer: To the fellow that said I butchered that gun I sold him. I told you I used JB weld to hold that scope mount rock solid. Not to look pretty. It worked as I intended, no creeping whatsoever and I told you about it. You complained, I could of at least did a neater job. You kept the rifle because it was as accurate as I said. Pretty doesn't matter to me, for me. If I ever rebuild a pump, refinish a stock, reseal a PCP, etc, I would guarantee perfection on my part or I'd pay for damages or buy it out right. This obviously doesn't include damage from shipping which is why you always open the box BEFORE the courrier drives away and have insurance. Yeah, I owe Yellowforum and some if not all of its' good hearted giving members. So if I can ever give back, I will gladly. One day I'd like to own new Grizzly metal machining equipment and build my own projects. A pump is one of those things. That's a new topic I'll start, but think of the unknown talent here & everywhere. That fellow that just built "Big John" and the smaller tank valve. He is a MASTER machinist that I'd never heard of before, but obviously capable of building anything. Dave G. made and sold guns at a third of what he could have asked & gotten for them. Lots of giving people here.

Note, I have full diagrams of Hill disassembly and rebuild. If anyone can't find them online I'd gladly send copies via email or snail mail.

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