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Initial thoughts, a question on custom stocks, and spring gun tuning

May 14 2017 at 11:10 PM
TNairgunner  (Login TNairgunner)

So as of yet I've made one post on my recently acquired HW95 purchased for the sole purpose of being a light weight woods walker. I previously had a HW50s in .177 and absolutely loved it however it left me desiring a bit more power. So I got the 95 and based on some recommendations from the forum i topped it with a little BSA 2x7 and got to shooting and after a quick sight in at 30 yards here are a few observations. Obviously the Rekord leaves very little to be desired but i was surprised with shot cycle of this rifle, I may have had an odd ball example of a 50s but the 95 seems to have a smoother more docile shot cycle in comparison. Now I've only had the time to tinker around at 30yrds but so far from a rest the rifle is shooting under a dime sized groups with .22 JSBs and prefers a loose-ish grip up front with a tight grasp on the rear. I sighted in and tinkered with the JSBs right off the bat and was happy with the groups so far but i decided to shoot a couple Crosman HPs i had laying around and believe it or not the rifle shot to the same point of impact but my groups opened up just a hair and it preferred a much looser grip all around, I was just barely touching the rifle. During this time a starling made the unfortunate decision to scare my songbirds off the feeder so i swiveled on the bench, settled the crosshairs, and squeezed easy. Needless to say the rifle can shoot! I am sincerely looking forward to spring squirrel season here as we have had a bumper crop of bushy tails this year! Now on to custom stocks! So I am also a PB guy and I am absolutely enamored with one rifle stock in particular. That stock belongs to a 60's Ruger M77. My question to those who own and have dabbled in custom stocks is would it be possible to recreate the same stock but build it to fit the HW95? Would it work, could it be done, why/why not?? Final question, if i wanted to maintain the current power level/velocity of my stock HW95 and simply wanted to tone down the shot cycle (think smoother,quieter, solid thunk), what tune would I go with?


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