A custom stock maker, or you if you have the skills

May 15 2017 at 8:45 AM
James Dingle  (Login JamesDingle777)

Response to Initial thoughts, a question on custom stocks, and spring gun tuning

could definitely copy a near style and fit it. I guess I am surprised that a higher powered HW has a smoother shot cycle than your older 50; but that may be because something needed replaced on your 50.
You can keep the same power level/velocity and smooth the shot cycle even more by sending to a good tuner of your choice. I've never talked to Mr. Maccarri and I don't know how active he is any longer in custom springs. He's an expert though and would be a good place to buy a custom, better spring with the same power results. Tight spring guides, Maccarri stick on buttons, or counter sunk precision set buttons would improve it. Some tuners can even make a custom weighted piston, seal, cut grooves and fit rings to guide the piston as true as possible. A Sunnen honing machine might as well be used if you're going for that much of an advanced tune.
I have opinions that aren't always correct; but I believe EVERYONE here who knows boo about spring guns will tell you Mr. Paul Watts is a WIZARD with all spring guns. David Slade, although busy with RAW can also be hired. These 2 World famous tuners, known by all serious Air Gunners are not the cheapest; but they probably are the best and Mr. Watts definitely has the equipment (a Sunning Honing machine to cross hatch & true chamber is NOT cheap) to make it as fine a shooter as possible. If you do have the cash and hire them, I suggest asking one time what your turn around time may be. I do know NO tuner likes being called often and feeling rushed. I don't know their turn around times.
On the other hand I can guarantee you that John in PA is also VERY good at tuning spring guns. He usually uses Vortek kits but you can have him go with a specialty Maccarri spring also. John, or JIPA as I call him for short will have your gun done and returned within 2 weeks and I'd think you'd be very happy with the noticeable improvements in shot cycle, trigger adjustment, improved accuracy, less hold sensitivity, and affordability. You can also have him cut your choke off or cut and add a customized choke. Depends on what you want to shoot, and what your rifles barrel prefers.
On the JSB to Crosmans. I've noticed Crosmans are perfectly fine out to 50 yards in my air guns. If I want superior accuracy at longer ranges, I usually have to find a JSB that certain rifle prefers best.
I once owned an AZ .22 Rapid that shot NOTHING as well as cheap Crosman Hollow Points at 100 yards. Go figure that one. Domes are usually always more accurate than hollow points and JSB's are usually always more accurate than Crosmans at longer ranges. It's the only rifle I've ever owned that did that though.

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