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May 15 2017 at 9:33 AM

nced  (Login SpringerEd)

Response to Initial thoughts, a question on custom stocks, and spring gun tuning

"if i wanted to maintain the current power level/velocity of my stock HW95 and simply wanted to tone down the shot cycle"

IMHO....the power level of a springer directly affects the "tone of the shot cycle". While not light the HW95/R9 is relatively light for the power output which means that at full factory power it's "jumpy". If the weight of the HW95/R9 were reduced by perhaps replacing the heavier beech stock with a lighter walnut stock the gun would become "jumpier" unless the power output was "adjusted down". If the internal sealing is functioning properly and you're only concerned with "twang and vibration" then the correction is to install a tight fitting spring guide and top hat which will stop the "spring oscillation after the shot" quieting things down. Considering that you're shooting ".22 cal" this may be your only option if you want to maintain "current power".

I do realize that lower power tunes with the .22 cal bore may not be good due to the loopier trajectory of the pellet. LOL...even with "greater than factory power tunes" I found that both .20 and .22 cal barrels on my R9s gave me an unsatisfactory LOOPY trajectory curve so I sold both the .20 and .22 cal barrels reverting back to .177 cal "never to look back". I found that a springer of the HW95 power level and weight the .177 cal worked best (for me), however as long as the shots didn't exceed my 30 yard zero distance it didn't matter if the barrel was .177, .20 or .22! It was past my zero distance that the trajectory of the larger calibers became so "loopy" that the actual "range guessing" was too critical for my shooting skills.

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