Find the right pellet and settings and it should be able to do

May 15 2017 at 11:25 AM
JD  (Login JamesDingle777)

Response to Well,I finally did it..

1 hole 5 shot groups at 30 yards. Joe B is offering some aftermarket products and rifles pre tuned from him with these accessories that almost double the shot count and close the spread. I've pretty much decided if I ever get another M-rod it'll be from Joe, already tuned.
I agree though, they are a decent rifle with unexpected quality from Crosman for the price. If you know how to align your scope with bore perfectly you may see a big change. I myself like a Plumb Bob, at least 2 small levels, a padded gun vice.
If you shoot at night with a light behind you, you'll be able to see pellet fly to target. It SHOULD come out straight and hit your POA. If you notice pellet (while rested on bags or bi-pod) coming out to the left or right of crosshairs and hitting POA, it probably needs adjustment.
One way to tell for sure is shoot at your 30 yard target. Now set a target out at 60 yards. When there is no wind, try it. If it's continuously hitting to one side of your POA, then your up and down are affecting your left and right. A simple 1-2 degree mistake in alignment will reduce your accuracy, especially at various ranges.
I don't want to tell you to mess with a good thing; but checking the baffles for any clipping is a smart thing to do. Trying the rifle without the shroud and baffles will also show you if there's a difference.
Tuning it yourself for the best it can be will require a Chronograph and some target time. I don't know how many different pellets you've tried but I'd suggest definitely trying The Benjamin ,25's and JSB Kings 25.43's as MOST of The M-rods do like those 2 pellets. Maybe a single shot tray and some Polymags also.
I love both Spring guns and PCP's. There's so much to learn about both. Have fun!

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