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Received my package from the SSSO "HW parts liquidation".

May 15 2017 at 1:57 PM

nced  (Login SpringerEd)

I placed the order on May 8th and it was in Port Hill, Idaho on May 12th, then onto Spokane, Washington later the same day, then in Raleigh, NC on May 14th, and then delivered this morning. Here is what I received........
[linked image]
LOL.....I have a couple cocking levers in my parts bin so I didn't need one, however I forgot to order a couple cocking lever rivets! sad.gif Not really a biggie because I can easily fabricate one from some O1 tool steel rod (or even the shank of a 5mm bolt) and then flare the rivet ends.

The first thing I did was pull through a tight patch moistened with RemOil and here is what the patch looked like straight from the new unused bore...........
[linked image]
LOL....reminds me of the 1st patch through a new R9 bore years ago. The next thing was to push a mew CPL throught the bore to check for constrictions and this particular barrel has an especially TIGHT leade (even tighter than my HW95 which also has a relatively tight leade! Pushing the pellet through the bore it's a "tight slide" till the point where the barrel joins the front of the barrel pivot block, then the bore gets tighter still! Once past this constriction the pellet freely slides till it gets to a "REALLY TIGHT CHOKE"! Here is a pic of three different brands of pellet pushed through the bore..........
[linked image]
Now that's some serious engraving done by the rifling! My guess is that this particular barrel will be very accurate with the 8.4 grain .177 JSB Exacts that have a rather small head compared to the CPLs. Still, I'll probable shoot through some pellets charged with JB Non-Embedding bore paste to polish the lands and loosen the restrictions a bit!'s on to making a barrel pivot rivet, attach an old cocking lever, and see how the barrel works out with the pellets I have!

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