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Vortek HW Breech Seals...

May 15 2017 at 4:14 PM
ggronke  (Login ggronke)

I know their piston seals are black moly impregnated, but are the Vortek black breech seals made of the same material? If so, I don't understand any advantage - except for easier removal? I ordered a breech seal for my HW55 (serial #87,596) from both Vortek and Chambers. After receiving both, the white colored(almost a clear, light colored) B-seal from Chambers is noticeably more soft & pliable than the black B-seal from Vortek. That one is more firm like plastic. Wouldn't the slightly softer one seal better?
Also, I wanted to try and replace buggered screws, but some are no longer available...such as the flat front stock screw. I tried an HW30/R7 screw, but it's about 1/4 inch too short to make it through the Tyro stock. Anyone know where I can get the right one? I figure if Chambers doesn't have it, who will? I suppose I could lightly file/fine sand/Re-blue touch-up the buggered screw...
I also ordered a replacement HW55 pivot bolt from Chambers, for the buggered-up original, but they goofed and sent me a new screw for a BSA Magnum pistol. I had to Email them. I hope they don't expect me to send it back to them!

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