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May 16 2017 at 5:47 AM

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What caliber, what air pressure when you got 700 fps, & what air pressure when you got lower velocities of 500 fps & 600ish fps?

Also, are you sure the restrictor screw you turned was the actual restrictor screw, or a cover screw over the actual restrictor screw (like the AA S4XX series), or a lock nut around the adjuster screw? I have never adjusted mine, but the usual restrictor screw setup looks like an allen screw with a lock nut around it. If it’s pre owned, no telling what a previous owner or 2 did to it.

There have been different versions of S200 produced over the years. It seems a little confusing because depending on where you read, the Sporter, Target, FT, & Hunter names & specifications are used & interchanged, often incorrectly. There have been different S200 MK’s, power output versions, different stocks (1 piece brown wood, 2 piece brown wood, 1 piece red laminate, 1 piece brown “Hunter” stocks, some adjustable & some not), some came with gauges, etc.

I’ve mostly read about the 12 ft lb version (Sporter?), either in 1 or 2 piece stocks or 1 piece red laminate stocks, that usually come stock shoot 177’s approx 800 fps or 22’s approx 625 fps. I’ve read posts where these were adjusted from around 8 - 18 ft lbs.

I have also read of a lower power 177 caliber version (10 meter Target, if you will?) that averages around 7 ft lbs in 177 (not made in 22 according to some posts but I’m sure parts can be swapped). Posts indicate it adjusts from around 6 to 8 ft lbs, or from just over 500 fps to around 675 fps. Kinda sounds like yours...is yours 177?

There has more recently been a Hunter model variation that is supposed to come stock shooting a 22 caliber pellet at 20 ft lbs, or around 800 fps.

It’s possible yours has been adjusted, or even modified if it’s pre owned, or it may have a problem (worn spring, failing seal causing restriction, inaccurate gauge, etc).

There was a great series of S200 modding posts by Bobhttp://www.network54.com/Forum/79537/message/1317004877/CZ+200S...+Tuning+for+Power...+Lots+of+Pics%2C+Stats ) where he took the restrictor screw & replaced it with a longer one that had the tip profile altered, so that when closed fully it really choked off the air flow a lot more than stock. By tweaking other areas power or consistency could be altered quite a bit. Our Brother Robert / Gubb33ps has done lots of great posts on them as well.

Maybe contacting CZ with the serial number & any other pertinent info might turn up more info on your S200?

Great little rigs...I have 3 myself happy.gif

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