Glad you are back, Josh. I remember hearing about your accident. Your sister

May 16 2017 at 6:22 AM

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Response to Glad to be back and some questions

posted about it:

An Air Arms Pro Sport?! Only one of, if not THE best looking springer out there, IMHO. Truly a "real rifle" looking airgun with that hidden lever. I love the chamfers on each side of the forend. I saw a youtube vid where they were shooting one out at 100 yards & doing well with it. It's one of the airguns I've always wanted. Someday...

An AirKing Model 54?! Only one of, if not THE best looking springer out there, IMHO....LOL! Seriously, I was a Diana 52 shooter early on, so the 54 has always captivated me. Accuracy enhancing recoil reduction like a FWB300S, power of a Diana 48 / 52...what's not to like? Many shooter are impressed with that designs shooting characteristics. I've heard them described as a springer with pcp like characteristics.

Again, glad to see you are back. You're proof you can't keep a good airgunner down!

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