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May 16 2017 at 12:42 PM

Jason W Garvin  (Login jason_garvin)

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I have used their lube with good results. In my non-Moly rifles, I clean everything up real good, then swab the comp tube with Rem Oil in the can, dry it out leaving no lint behind, then mop it with Super-Lube grease, removing it also. Make sure the end of the comp tube isn't hiding a blob. Then coat the piston seal on the sides, piston, spring, out guide on the Vortek kit, both ends of the kit. I use EWG (Extreme Weapons Grease Synthetic) on the trigger parts. I have not needed to go in any of my rifles yet with this combination.

From what I have experienced with the new Moly seals. IF one snaps on the button, and the rear wiper doesn't bulge and remains smaller O.D. then the front edge. Shove them in and shoot. If one bulges on the rear band and I have had a few, sizing them can be tricky, as the front edge becomes smaller because of the tight fit on the button. This has been more difficult to overcome as I don't have the means to size the I.D. on the seal. I have some I sized to fit the comp tube as with 2 lb push, and I believe they are undersized now as the rifles are shooting spec but feeling a little (slammy). They may have shrunk just a bit.

On the seals I have found the I.D. to be undersized, I returned to Vortek and no questions asked they replaced them with new seals. They have always treated me well with customer service.

Others may chime in. Still have not determined what this grease is and cannot find it. But it seems to work. I would imagine the ARH Euro Lube I use is almost the same.

Jason G

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