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I have seen it done easily with a T fitting in the fill port, but I ask "why bother"

May 16 2017 at 4:05 PM
Alan  (Login AlanMcD)

Response to Benjamin Marauder - Relocating Air Gauge

In my book there is no good approach that leaves the gun "clean" in terms of looks without reverting to a non-foster fill port, but it clearly can be done if one wanted to. I just don't know why anyone would bother . . .

I have regulated my .22 and .25 Marauders, and have no issues with having the gauge read only regulated pressure. With my set up and tune, I know I get 4 mags of shooting in the .22, and 3 mags with the .25 - I simply refill after counting to either 4 or 3, as the case may be (also, I have three mags for the .25, so when they are empty the gun needs refilled too).

If I lose count while shooting, I refill the gun before putting it away and it is good to go next time. If I loose count while shooting, I can tell when it is off the regulator by the change in sound, and/or I can confirm it with the gauge that reads regulated pressure.

Having lived with it, I really don't think a second gauge is of any practical value - but I will admit that back when I put the regulator in, I did think I was really going to miss having a gauge that reads the unregulated pressure. I quickly learned it was not needed at all - I would like one if it fit in well with the gun, but not as an add on, and certainly not at the expense of pressure tube volume (by having to add the gauge block back in the tube for a nicely fitted gauge in the stock.

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