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Re: D54 & Pro Sport...

May 16 2017 at 10:23 PM
MikefromMidland  (Select Login MScottLeeman)

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First off,let me say that I'm glad Your back and recovering! As for the Pro-Sport,When I reassemble the rifle I 1st start the 4 side bolts followed by sensibly tightening the small rear trigger guard bolt followed by the larger front bolt.Mine is .177 as well and I installed a Vortek 12 ft. lb. kit in it with a single spacer (Which is really just a washer.)It's right at 11.8 ft. lbs. with its favorite pellet,the JSB 4.52/8.44.The rifle is dead nuts accurate and the shot cycle is Amazing! The power level is plenty good enough for all my needs (Pest control,small game hunting and target work.)I Had the SHO kit for a while and just switched the spring for the 12 lb PG2 spring. I don't foresee changing it as it's just a well balanced,wonderful overall experience! As far as the .22 Diana 54 TO6 (Great Trigger,btw!)I installed the Vortek SHO PG2 o'ring piston seal kit,added Maccarri "Old School" delrin buttons on the rear of the piston skirt and de-burred the receiver...ect. Another Fantastic shooter! The Only regret is not buying this rifle sooner...I Simply Love it!!Great off the bench and bipod. I use JSB 18.1's with excellent results. Welcome Back and God Bless! ...Mike

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