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A few things to know before adjusting the new AirMax...

May 17 2017 at 1:00 AM
H.E. Potter  (Login Hepotter)

Response to Gen two AirMax pistol came today...

Mine came in today as well.

Be aware the gun is NOT adjusted for shooting, it comes from the factory assembled, but you are going to set the HST pretension, as well as the first and second trigger stages, transfer port adjustment, and any regulator changes you might want to make.

The instructions for the gun do not contain enough information to complete these tasks. Here is a video showing how to remove the handle, and adjust the pretension, as well as show you where the adjustment hex screws are for the first and second stage trigger adjustments.

Here's a good video with some important part identifications/locations and some detailed adjustment pointers:

What is badly needed is an exploded diagram, in English, explaining where the parts go, and what they are for. The owner's manual is for beginners only, and has no adjustment details.

The second stage of my gun was completely out of adjustment to the point that the hammer wouldn't cock. Not to worry...the second stage adjustment will engage the sear and the gun can then be cocked.

You might as well leave the handle off at first because you can't adjust the HST pre-load with it on. Once you have your power where you want it, the Transfer Port adjustment screw is at the top of the breech and easily reached.

I'll take some pics tomorrow and try to post more info regarding FPS/FPE. First impression...for a Chinese gun, some serious thought went into the design and the features are very very nice and well built for a gun in this price range. This can't be said for the near useless owner's manual. Check for a bit more info...the gun is listed as SPA, AirMax and a number of other monikers.

Suggestion...some of the earlier owners might pitch in and fill in some of the information "How To" voids for us new owners.

As of tonight, I am very impressed with the hardware! Nice balance, nice "feel" and lots of adjustments to get it where you want for power and shot count.

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