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May 17 2017 at 11:27 AM
H.E. Potter  (Login Hepotter)

Response to Gen two AirMax pistol came today...

Be aware the second stage trigger can be set to downright dangerously light settings. Use caution, and when you get it where you want it, slap the sides of the gun while it is cocked/unloaded to see if it will accidentally discharge if bumped or dropped.

The sound modification system for this pistol is quite effective, neighbor friendly with just four (4) sections. To install, you need to take the front barrel bushing out...this is the piece in the muzzle with the little holes around it's edge. I used two nails and a screwdriver to break it loose. Once out, you place it in the last baffle chamber, the one with the shiny silver beveled end. Then you simply screw it back onto the barrel. Be aware the barrel can be unscrewed and removed. AND...and...when you screw it back in, it won't come to a complete halt/stop. The barrel breech end screws into a movable bushing that will rotate once the barrel is fully seated. Personally, I'd like to get a grub screw in the top of the breech and lock that barrel down solid...but this system seems to work.

There is zero breech blowback! I put a Kleenex on top of the breech and fired the air movement whatsoever!

I'll take some pics....

[linked image]
I can't help but believe this is a mini-carbine waiting for the right stock to attach to the handle.

[linked image]
When removing the handle, you must also remove the two "spacers" next to the hammer. Easily done. and they seem to serve no purpose other than guide the hammer to the firing pin. there is one on each side of the hammer. They simply drop out when the hex screw is removed.

[linked image]
This is the muzzle barrel bushing that is removed, placed in the last section of the moderator system, then screwed back onto the barrel.

[linked image]
There are no picatinny rails on the AirMax, it uses the 11mm type. Before I receive my picatinny/11mm adapter, I'm just using sticky tape to hold on my red dot.

More useful info: (Be aware the hex nut inside the grip IS NOT the HST adjustment screw. This hex nut only removes the grip to expose the HST adjustment nut, readily recognized by the spring it's holding)

When adjusting the HST spring, after removing the grip, unscrew the hammer spring nut until the hammer is not touching the firing pin. Then carefully tighten the nut until the hammer just touches the firing pin, then go 1/2 turn tighter. Stop there and test for results. It's cloudy out today, so my chrony isn't working...but it humanely put down a squirrel this morning at my bird feeder! This thing has some serious punch to it!!!

More later....

Chrony results with HST adjusted 1/2 turn in from start....JSB 18 gr 5.5mm fit best, and tested at 525 fps. The Crosman Destroyers 14 gr pellets had to be pushed into the chamber with a heavy thumb, or the breech wouldn't close. These pellets were going 575 fps. Then the clouds got too dark for the chrony to register and I stopped there.

I believe I will tighten the HST nut a few turns and get the fps at least into the 600 fps range...plenty for pistol shooting distances.s Hmmmm....tightened up the HST nut and velocity dropped to 512 fps???
However, I did previously open up the Transfer Port, which is located in the top of the sliding breech block. Just back the hex screw out until it is even with the top of the breech. Pretty simple.

More later...

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