I appreciate it John. No water though. Can anyone get me in touch with Otis Loper

May 17 2017 at 1:11 PM
JD  (Login JamesDingle777)

Response to When this happened with my ebay cheapo it was actually

as I'd like to see if he can get ahold of certain things not offered by anyone. Cone spring particularly. I will be ordering a full rebuild kit. I'd like to buy from Otis as his are $14.95 but no micron filter, which I do need. That kit is $40.00. $25.00 for a small filter, really?
So Otis, please call if you see this 1-5seven0-9seven7-11four9 jamesdingle18@yahoo.com

If I can't talk to you, I'm going to have to just buy the more expensive kit from another dealer that does offer the micron filter. I don't think that it being out is the problem though, as it got up to 2K without it. Some other ring is failing. I'm off to the hardware store with my incomplete 1:1 scale directions. They don't have every O-ring on the chart. I don't get it.
Anyone know how to get any Hill part needed directly from Hill or Stateside dealer? I only have a cell phone so if I need to call internationally, I'd need instructions as to how to do that. Thanks in advance.

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