OK,You asked for it!

May 17 2017 at 6:21 PM
MikefromMidland  (Select Login MScottLeeman)

Response to Awesome Mike

Here is what "I" have done.I tried the "extra o'ring" on the front slide but i couldn't get it to work for me,so off it came.What I Did add were 2 same size o'rings to the Rear of the Rear pins (As the single o'ring forward set up) to hopefully reduce any possible recoil slam. As far as the detent tension,I have it set to hold the action in place regardless of the incline/shooting angle but loose enough that a firm bump to the butt of the gun allows it to release.You Don't want the action to slide rearward prior to your shot as this negates the advantage of having the sled system...and You WILL NOT hit your POA!Now,this setup works Great,for ME but I'm sure others will have different ways/ideas. I have a Good amount of faith and respect for the engineers who devised this setup.The popularity of the 54 is a testament to it's design.Like Yourself,I was wondering what the detent tension SHOULD be,and tried the advice of several good folks prior to settling on this.The o'rings I added were my idea and have no real effect on accuracy but the way it's set-up is PERFECT...for ME! Hope this is helpful to Ya! ...Mike.

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