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Airmax Gen II pistol report

May 18 2017 at 11:15 AM
Paul in Zhills  (Login jps2486)

As most of you have, I got my .22 cal Airmax Gen II pistol yesterday. The trigger seemed safe as it came out of the box, so I proceeded to clean the barrel. Boy, the Chinese sure make it an effort to make the bore as crappy as you can. After cleaning, I shot it through the chronograph just to see where it is out of the box. All were 5 shots for each pellet. All I can say is "WOWZA".

JSB 14.3 gr-634 fps, 12.8 fpe, ES 39, SD 16
JSB 15.9 gr-622 fps, 13.7 fpe, ES 38, SD 15
JSB 18.1 gr-601 fps, 14.6 fpe, ES 31, SD 13

This is much more than I expected. I figured it would shoot around 525 if I was lucky This is pretty strong for a pistol. I also checked the trigger pull with my Lyman trigger gage and it was 2 lbs, 12 oz. Right now, I'm leaving everything alone. This is very good right out of the box. Tomorrow, I'm going to check for accuracy, then give the bore a generous scrubbing with JB borepaste. I expect this gun will settle down and shoot more consistently as time goes on.

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