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May 18 2017 at 12:22 PM
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This fellow just posted what I wanted to tell you. Adjustable rings are a must for real accuracy at all unknown ranges. The scope being true: top turret at exactly 12 & 6 O'clock or 360* & 180* is also very important.

As far as these lead flakes. Expect to see lead dust all the time. If you see actual flakes and ANY marks on the baffles at all, it IS clipping them and this definitely will reduce your accuracy greatly.
Yes if you have a padded vice, or a drill press, you can enlarge the holes ever so slightly. Normally if they clip them you will see a piece taken out. Enlarge them just big enough to make that hole concentric again. Too large and your decibels will rise up. Too small and you have issues like you're having.
You CAN call Crosman and they will send you baffles that have slightly larger holes for your caliber, free of charge and shipping. You don't even have to send the old ones back. You can enlarge them slightly, and keep in case you ever get an extended shroud.
I'm wondering if anyone is doing M-rods as well as Mr. Greg Davies was, and at his prices. I had one. Should have kept it. When I opened it up, it had definitely been polished up better and my upgraded longer LW barrel & shroud made a big difference. I had NO problem doing 5 shots covered by a Quarter at 100 yards.
Even before it went to Greg, it was doing one ragged hole with 21.1 grain Kodiaks at 50 yards with the Crosman barrel.
I think a call to Crosman or a SLIGHT enlargement of the holes will give you one ragged hole groups at 30 yards.
Enjoy the video this Gentleman posted. Modify your baffles or replace from Crosman, set your scope up correctly and you'll be amazed. I realized too late that you don't have to spend near or almost double 2K to have superior accuracy. Many PCP's AND some Spring Guns with the right shooter can do what the expensive ones can even out to 75-100 yards.
If you can post pictures, up close and clear of your baffles, many will be able to tell you if you have a clipping problem or not. Shoot it without the shroud and baffles. If you start getting one hole groups (you very well may have to re-zero) then you can be sure that the pellets are definitely clipping the baffles ever so slightly on their way out of the barrel. A blade of grass can throw a pellets accuracy off, so slight clipping is VERY possibly your issue.

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